Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.07 – “The Bi-Sexual” Review

It’s a very interesting predicament Larry finds himself in during the episode, dealing of course with the title’s ‘Bi-Sexual’. Larry is at an art exhibit and meets a woman (again) who gives him her number. He’s very happy about it and is describing her to his friend Rosie O’Donnell who is also at the art exhibit. She also met a woman there who she is excited to call, and as they both describe their new prospects it turns out that it’s the same chick. So in the spirit of friendship they decide to compete to see who can win the affections of the bi-sexual woman.

While the situation between Larry and Rosie was good, the episode itself wasn’t one of the best this season, especially after the last episode with Ricky Gervais which was excellent. Even with Leon (JB Smoove) showing in New York at Larry’s place didn’t make the episode a whole lot better. At least now that he is there we may get some good moments between the two of them during the season.

The whole episode turns into one giant baseball analogy (as sex often does) and Larry’s use of a certain performance enhancing drug ends with him being barred from entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame, all becuase of a ‘shit bow’.

I give the episode 2 out of 5 grizzlies. Funny on some parts but overall not that great. I definitely won’t be falling in the Viagra trap anytime soon to up my game!

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