Entourage: Season 8, Episode 5 – “Motherf–ker”

This episode was okay, with Drama and Vince both having some shining moments. Starting off with Vince having an interview with a very hot journalist named Sophia. Vince has multiple interviews with her, clearly trying to get together with her while still revealing a lot of himself in the second interview. By the end she still won’t give in to meeting socially with Vince and our main character is absolutely smitten by what he can’t have.

Ari and Mrs. Ari’s tumultuous relationship continues in this episode, Ari screwing up some parenting time with his kids which results in Mrs. Ari letting Ari know she is moving forward with a divorce. But all is not lost for our boy, because Dana having got over her anger is willing to still be with Ari, which I think needs to happen for him at this point. The divorce is happening and it’s time for him to move forward.

Drama had a big moment in this episode trying to deal with Dice’s terrible replacement (played by Jamie Kennedy) and getting Dice back to do the show. Johnny tries to be super selfless in this episode, offering Dice a part of his salary to make them equal but Dice refuses telling Drama he should have walked to show some solidarity. By the end of the episode Drama does just that. I applaud the goofball to the max.

Eric has a little bit of action both business wise and sexy wise. Sloan’s ex-mother-in law comes a callin’, wanting Eric to manager her career. Eric agrees and over drinks ends up opening up to her about his break up with Sloan. Then he fulfills his destiny as the episodes title: Motherf–ker. Because he does just that and afterward Sloan calls him asking if her ex-mommy in law was in L.A. Eric of course lies and says it’s only a management thing. He also finds out that the whole sex part was just a thing to get back at Sloan’s father. Good going team Eric.

I give the episode 4 out of 5 grizzlies. Finally they are past all of the Vince rehab and drug testing issues and it looks like maybe Ari will finally give up the terrible battle that is his failing marriage. Keep up the good work next week Entourage!

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