Breaking Bad: Season 4, Epidsode 6 – “Cornered” Review

This week we start off in the Los Pollos truck again. It didn’t work out as well this time. It seems like No Mike means a loss for Gus, which is exactly what happened. Not only did Gus’ chicken truck get hit again, and 3 of his men murdered, and product stolen – but most importantly – the spectacle of it all. The truck, covered in blood and dead people, left on the side of the road for the cops to find, and everything pointing at ol’ Gus.

This is bad news bears.

Speaking of Mike, he’s still touring with Pinkman, and this week, it’s up to them to clean up the mess left by the aforementioned events. Word is, 2 meth heads have the stolen BLUE and are pimping it out of there shithole house. While Mike is content to simply wait for the tweekers to pop their heads out, patience has never been a virtue held by Jessie Pinkman. Playing the part of a meth addict looking to score, Jessie tricks one of the dealers out of the house only to encounter Damon Herriman (Justified’s ‘Dewey Crowe’) playing a junkie with a shotgun. But ‘Shotgun’ was the title of last week’s episode, and we’ve moved past that already, and so does Jessie.

 Walt’s biggest story is – no surprise – his difficulties dealing with Skyler. He was feeling a bit proud and let slip something he shouldn’t have, so she took off. After that he took out his frustrations on Captain Eyebrows while he was collecting the car wash keys, and then he didn’t do himself any favors with wifey when he decided to buy Junior a new Dodge Challenger. But hey, he was feeling rebellious. And sticking with that same ‘Devil May Care’ swagger, he tilts a defiant coffee mug to the lab’s ‘eye in the sky’ which results in 3 women being deported. Yet another example of how cautious Gustavo is.

 So while Jessie further endears himself to powers that be, Walt only make peace that much harder. Fight the power Walt, damn the man.

Speaking of the man, Hank didn’t make an appearance at all in this episode (neither did our boy Saul) which means next week should Hank heavy, which can’t be good for Gus.

Hank has to figure out, with the napkin, the truck, and Gale’s notes – he’s gonna start connecting dots…

Overall, good episode but nothing mind blowing. 3.5/5 Bears.

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