Review: HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Season 4, Episode 9 – “Run” (aka “Let’s Get Out of Here”)

I was not even looking forward to watching this week’s episode of True Blood, and not just because I was in the middle of Wedding Crashers on TBS.  Am I alone in thinking this season is seriously lacking in substance?  I read other reviews after the fact and they are getting good reviews for the most part.  Am I crazy, or is it everyone else?  However, this week proved to be a little less lousy, and I’m finally getting some of the meaty vampire content that I enjoy.


Well, last week was quite an episode.  Antonia and the vampires finally had their confrontation, of course in the cemetery.  Where else would supernatural creatures meet to discuss their centuries of hatred and animosity toward one another?  Sookie was shot during the scuffle and since Bill was stabbed in the face with a silver cross and Eric was being cursed again by Antonia via Marnie, Suitor #3, Alcide, comes to save the day.

This week’s episode opens right after the shooting, and as Alcide carries Sookie through the woods to her house, he is overtaken by Bill who grabs her and attempts to heal her by feeding her his blood.  Sookie is almost dead and not responding.  Alcide gives Bill attitude, and Bill responds with the best quote of the season:

  “Werewolf, I’m going to need you to shut the f–k up!”

As Sookie recovers, she has a dream about Bill and Eric, and confesses that she loves them both.  She proposes that they share her, which I’m sure would go over really well.

 Antonia is going crazy, Debbie is still mad at Alcide, and Jessica is venting her problems to Nan, which is all sorts of hilarious.  Bill and Nan have some choice words for each other about how things should be run, and tempers run high underground as the two of them and Jessica are covered in silver.

Lafayette, with Andy’s gun, kicks Hoyt out of his house to take care of Arlene and Terry’s baby.  Andy and Jason try to break in to retrieve the baby, but Lafayette, still being possessed by the crazy Cajun lady from the past, will have none of it.

Jesus comes over to help and is able to communicate with Mavis, the woman inhabiting Lafayette’s body.  She retells the scene of her baby being killed, and that she was killed shortly after, by the married man who impregnated her, and that he buried them under the tree in the yard.  So they do the only logical thing to do – dig in the yard and pull out a baby’s skeleton so Mavis can hold her baby one last time.  I am disgusted beyond words.

Alcide agrees to help Marcus, the pack leader, “intimidate” Sam for spending time with Luna, his estranged wife.  However, the meeting turns into a scuffle and Sam gets the crap kicked out of him.  Too bad it’s not really Sam, but Tommy playing dress up again.

Sookie and Debbie meanwhile have become great friends.  Debbie distracts Antonia/Marnie by offering the services of her werewolf pack while Sookie breaks into the Moon Goddess to look for Eric.  What Sookie finds is the coven being held hostage; and also that Eric is under Antonia’s spell and is going to be forced to turn into Uma Thurman and ‘Kill Bill’ at the Tolerance convention.  Sookie goes to warn Bill, but is she too late?  Tune in next week to find out!

 Let me hear it for vampire politics!  I have been craving it since Russell Edgerton disemboweled that TV news anchor last year.  The constant struggle to be accepted in the mainstream, to go against their very natures as undead killing creatures, and to see Nan get her panties in a bunch, is really what drives my personal interest in the show.  I have always been fascinated with vampires, the seductive killer, and its nice to see the show go back to focusing more on their story.

I’m so far over this witch nonsense.  Antonia has one move – she holds up two fingers, speaks in a different language, and the vampire before her kneels on the ground.  I hope the cast were given knee pads.  I feel like Antonia is like a villain of the week on repeat, like Scooby Doo’s going to pull off her mask to reveal someone unlikely.  And then she would say, “And I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those silly vampires.”


And, as always, I am almost completely unaffected by the other storylines.  They are like sprigs of parsley garnishing the True Blood plate; waiting to be thrown aside so I can enjoy the real food.

I give this episode 3/5 bears.

Oh, and this happened…

4 thoughts on “Review: HBO’s ‘True Blood’ Season 4, Episode 9 – “Run” (aka “Let’s Get Out of Here”)”

    1. Nice links, I also find many reviews like these.
      This season is not going well.
      1. Eric’s loss of memory could be exploited in a much better way and go to many dimensions. Not the V dimension…… It was screwed up completely.
      2. Too many side-irrelevant stories and weak plot this season.
      3. Tommy and Tara should have been dead long ago, and we don’t need so much Sam, Arlene, Andy.
      4. Next year I will wait till September and I will download and watch all the episodes together. If I skip the side stories I will enjoy some decent few hours of TB.
      5. A. Ball’s talent is wasted in this show. He needs to start a writting career in some porn movies….


  1. i do agree, usually in the past i’ve downloades all the episodes together,
    this year the addiction was so strong i couldn’t wait
    but i wonder if Ball and his stuff know they totally lost the point this time,
    it’s a big waste, no doubts!


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