HBO’s ‘Hung’: Season 3 – Teaser Trailer

I’m a fan of HBO’s Hung, though I admit I really only started watching it because of the fact it was shot locally, and the into shows lots of downtown, and the Black Keys song “I’ll Be Your Man” is awesome. For those of you in the greater Detroit area, if you haven’t seen the show you might enjoy in the intro…

Boom. Lots of Detroit. The show itself, about a high-school teacher turned man-whore was a concept I was unsure would last. But it has, and Season 2 was pretty solid, I particularly liked the episode with the alumni baseball game. So now, with season 3 about to launch, Ray has some competition. Check out the trailer…

I love Lenore, she’s such a bitch. (Plus she was on Justified)

And finally, as required by internet law, after mentioning man-whore…

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