Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Wants to Play ‘Luke Cage’

There’s been so much talk of a ‘Luke Cage’ movie that all of the build up will probably ruin the movie if it ever gets made. There have been almost a dozen actors vying for a role that hasn’t even really been offered to anyone. From Tyreese to Rampage Jackson to the Old Spice guy, this role is much sought after by any African-American actor with muscles. Now another musclebound actor has thrown his hat into the ring of Luke Cage. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been communicating a lot of his acting activities through Twitter, a couple of weeks back it was about his role in GI Joe Retaliation, and more recently he tweeted this about Luke Cage:

Now of course there’s been some outcry from Luke Cage fans due to a little something called ‘skin color’. He’s just not black enough they say….

Man oh man. They change a white comic character in a movie to a black guy and there’s outcry. You cast a kind of black guy as a black comic character? Outcry. It’s terrible. I guess it will always be an issue in comic movies when it comes to race. The Skrulls better still be green if they show up in the Avengers movie next year! So what does everyone think? Would The Rock make a good Luke Cage or would one of the other self-nominees be a better pick? Personally I’d go with Tyreese Gibson.

3 thoughts on “Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Wants to Play ‘Luke Cage’”

  1. Except that Luke Cage was created by white people in America for the purpose of subjugating the image and existence of African people in America, who as we all know shouldn’t be in America anyway and don’t really want to be there no matter how many Obamas the Democratic Party throws into American society.


  2. I think the rock would be the best choice for like cage, BUT it would be weird seeing, as every actor or actress’s big movie or main movie about them being or becoming a super hero is the movie they are most known for.


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