Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.09 – “Mister Softee” Review

This episode had a lot to live up to with last week’s Car Periscope being so awesome, but it was definitely off to a roaring start with Larry disclosing to his current therapist his childhood traumatizing by the Mister Softee ice cream truck. You see, in his youth Larry was playing strip poker with the ice cream truck driver’s daughter in the Mister Softee truck. When he was down to his birthday suit the dad walks in throwing him out to the sidewalk so the whole neighborhood gets to see little Larry. Now whenever the Mister Softee truck is around, Larry crumbles. Throughout the episode the Mister Softee truck causes Larry trouble whether it be softball or sex and when Larry runs into Bill Buckner at a signing convention the episode just gets better and better. It was great seeing Larry and Leon together again after having no interactions whatsoever during the previous installment.

Between Larry’s “modified car seat”, his softball coach Yari, and Bill Buckner’s ultimate redemption this episode is a definite five out of five bears. I can only hope next week’s finale can top this!

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