Friday the 13th Sequel: The Found Footage Approach?

The Friday the 13th reboot was decently done. Jason Voorhees looked excellent in it, and the movie followed the simple formula from past Jason movies without feeling too worn out. Not to mention that the horror flick made 91 million dollars in box office revenue, and only cost 19 million to make. Therefore, a sequel would be a no brainer, right? You would think so, but the studio has been a little shy in pulling the trigger on a follow up. Now come reports about the studio wanting to go with the ‘found footage’ approach that worked for movies like Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity, but failed for Apollo 18 and Paranormal Actvity 2. Also the setting will change, not necessarily from Camp Crystal Lake, but a snow setting was mentioned. Check out the info from Worst Previews below:

We’ve heard that the sequel is supposed to take place in the snow, but STYD is now reporting that the studio may not only switch the setting, but also turn it into a “found footage” film like “Apollo 18,” “Paranormal Activity” and “The Blair Witch Project.”

At this point, the script written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift has yet to get a green light. And while there are plenty of fans who want a sequel, the studio apparently believes that they can’t tell the same story in exactly the same way. So the “found footage” style is being considered. Stay tuned.

A winter setting would be a change for a Friday the 13th movie and I’m all for it. It sure the hell beats taking place in outer space or Manhattan, but the found footage path sure is getting extremely old. It wouldn’t seem right for a Friday the 13th movie having Jason Voorhees being an elusive killer that just shows up in front of a handy cam that some horny college kid is wielding at his parents cottage getaway by Camp Crystal Lake. It would make the franchise feel just a tad bit cheap in my opinion.

It would be less than a 19 million dollar budget with this undertaking, and while I’m sure the box office take would stagger the cost of making the film it will definitely alienate fans who are sick of the found footage/handycam schtick that has come to dominate horror movies. Why do studios continue to push forth with this method? Does it make the movie scarier? We know none of it is real from the get go, so hopefully Jason and the Friday the 13th franchise don’t go this route. By now they could have been releasing a Part 3 in 3D to keep up with that current fad.

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