Tums Commercials: A Not So Hidden Message?

Who doesn’t love a good Tums commercial? They fight heartburn instantly and give us that catchy little jingle at the end – “TUM, TA TUM TUM TUMMMSS!” but these commercials from a few months back really broke the mold. I’m thinking maybe my mind was in the gutter watching these, but hopefully you’ll agree that the first thing you think of watching these commercials is most definitely not a pretty sight.

For example, this one below with granny trying to eat her egg roll….

And to top it all off, it knocks her dentures out! Seriously? A phallic object wriggling around in an elderly woman’s hand and smacking her all over the face? I’m actually surprised there wasn’t a public outcry from a Rights Group for the defense of the male genitalia or some garbage. Me? I find it be both horrifying and hilarious. This one down below would lean more towards the horrifying, as a man tries to bite some meat on a stick into a pork rib:

Hot diggity-daffodil, that sure was grody! There were of course a few other ones involving less… phallic food selections. There’s a hamburger, hot wing and even a taco. Let’s just leave the taco one alone shall we?

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