Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 9 – ‘Bug’ Review

Well, as Walt and Jessie are having some relationship issues, Gus seems to be as unhinged as we’ve seen him…you know, aside from the flashback last week. And the whole box cutter incident. But at least the 3rd most unhinged we’ve seen the normally quiet chicken entrepreneur. Anyhow, onward and upward.

Tonight’s episode did something unusual – it produced a Skyler-centric side story that was not only good, but short enough to avoid being pushed too far and drawn out. It showed Skyler once again warming up to criminal enterprise, as she is forced to help Ted out of his tax issues, for fear that it could lead back to Walt. It was done nicely though. Most of the time getting a ‘Skyler Episode’ is like getting a ‘Lisa Episode’ on The Simpsons.

Breaking Bad - Skyler
“Why yes. That dress does make you look incompetent.”

So, in scenes not featuring Skyler’s boobs, we ran with one of two stories – the first of which being Gus’ breaking down. As Mike said episodes ago, Gus can handle either the Cartel, or Hank. But not both at the same time, which is what he is getting. So after the sniper incident, he caves to the cartel and has plans to send Jessie to Mexico to give chemistry lessons.

 The 2nd of the story lines involves Walt’s distrust of his young partner, who behind his back has been nothing but loyal to Walt. Our chemist extraordinaire’ shows up to Jessie’s house and starts slinging accusations, which leads to a physical altercation, resulting in Walt getting a well deserved ass whooping. Enraged at Walt’s mistrust, Jessie throws him out and indicates that the partnership might as well be considered dissolved.

“Can you walk – Then get the f out and never come back.”

Overall, damn good for an episode with no Saul.

4.5/5 Bears. 

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