DC Comics Review: Green Lantern #1 – New 52!

Well it looks as if the Green Lantern comics will be occurring in the same continuity it left off from during War of the Green Lanterns. (Just like Red Lanterns) When we last left the Green Lantern Corps, things were not going so great. Hal Jordan was relieved of duty and his ring by the Guardians and Sinestro was chosen by a green power ring. After the War and the on the verge of an uprising over Sinestro having a ring, all Lanterns have returned to their respective sectors and Sinestro is still under the jurisdiction of the Guardians.

The issue starts with those events still lingering. With Sinestro the Guardians had Sinestro say the oath of the green and then releasing him and ordering him to go and protect his home planet of Korugar. They hope for redemption for this scumbag Sinestro, something I’m not very keen on. To me, Sinestro has done a little too much damage and caused the countless deaths of others all in his so called quest to bring order. Good job doing that with a corps made up of baby snatchers (Kryb) and overgrown psychos. (Arkillo) Will Sinestro have proved me wrong at the end of this issue? Is he truly a green lantern again?

Hal is most definitely doing a lot worse. He’s broke, with bad credit and no car. THE GREEN LANTERN HAS NO CAR!!!! This is just humiliating. And to top it off, Carol Ferris won’t even hire him back as a pilot. But don’t count him out yet, because by the end of this issue it seems that most unexpected person may be able to get him back into the superhero game somehow.

I give this issue a 4 out 5 power rings.

Mahnke’s art is great as always and Johns has basically picked up right where he left off with the Lantern storyline. Readers of the new 52 who are long time readers of DC material will more than likely be most comfortable with the Green Lantern titles since there are no questions of which timeline or continuity these stories are coming from. Readers who are just jumping on? They’re going to not have such as easy time. Stay tuned for the Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 and Green Lantern Corps #1! Also check out my Red Lanterns #1 review!

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