Star Wars – The Clone Wars Season 4, Episode 2 : ‘Gungan Attack’ Review

Okay, now there is another Star Wars first, seeing the Mon Calamari placed in internment camps as slaves… how depressing. It happens in this episode, then after the Empire forms in the Expanded Universe and once more in the EU when Darth Krayt orders all Mon Calamari systematically exterminated. But the episode itself was quite a follow up to the first. The Mon Cala, although defeated in the last episode fight on against Tamson and his droids along with their Quarren allies.

The Jedi council ponders whom to send as reinforcements to the Mon Cala, and the inevitable choice falls to…the Gungans. Honestly though it wasn’t all bad because there wasn’t a whole lot of Jar Jar overload. The part when the Gungans eventually join the fray actually made me laugh as they dove from the Star Destroyer en mass. It was like watching a bunch of lemmings!

As much as I love the underwater fighting in the episode once again, I can only give it a three out of five bears. It’s basically just a right after continuation of the previous episode, but it was still entertaining enough. My favorite part of the episode was the fight between Tamson, Ahsoka and Kit Fisto in the middle of an underwater vortex as the Separatist leader was trying to kill the Prince. The scene was frantic and chaotic with droids, Jedi and Gungans flying left and right. It was a brilliant action scene! I can’t wait until next weeks episode as this one also ended on a cliffhanger where the Republic lost again! I suppose it’s only fitting that the next episode is called ‘Prisoners’. See ya next week for it!

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