New Girl – Series Premiere Review

This is not a show I had planned to review…or like…or even watch. But I did, and it was actually really funny. Initial previews for this show made it look like another CBS yuck-fest, but since it was being paired on FOX with Raising Hope (which I like) I thought I’d give it a chance. And I’m glad I did.

Zooey Deschanel and her ‘it factor’ successfully steer what could have otherwise been a train wreck. The premise is that she moves in with 3 bachelors and zany situations are sure to arise, but what made it different from your normal sitcom is how sincere it felt. They actually make you believe that Jess (Deschanel) is clueless and you feel for her when she gets stood up. And it’s even kind of touching when the guys come to her rescue.

Speaking of the guys, they drive the actual humor in the show. My favorite has to be Schmidt (Max Greenfield from Veronica Mars) as he is constantly relegated to sticking dollar bills in the ‘Douchebag Jar’ after almost everything he says.

His 2 best friends are Coach (Damon Wayans Jr. – Who actually sounds just like his Dad) and Nick (Jake M. Johnson). Coach is a personal trainer who can’t speak to women and is constantly delivering the punchline in each scene. Nick however, is the seemingly the most normal of the 3, but who is still reeling over his breakup with The Waitress Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Seen Here to your right) 6 months after the dumping.

The cast is rounded out by Jess’ beautiful best friend and model – Cece Meyers (Hannah Simone – Below) who informs the guys: “If you let anything happen to her – I’m gonna come here and crazy murder you.”  Which I found to be pretty funny.

The actual episode story itself is pretty recycled, but it’s a testament to the cast that they were able to make it enjoyable and inject some life into it. I’d give it 4/5 Bears with room for improvement, but a lot of potential.

5 thoughts on “New Girl – Series Premiere Review”

  1. Are you fucking serious?? This show was terrible. The awkwardness was way too over the top and the dialogue was forced. You must have been high if you thought it was funny. You’re loosing credibility with this review.


  2. Your losing credibility with your spelling of losing, but this does sound like a rip off of another show… A Canadian show called ABOUT A GIRL which tells the story of… well… the same thing as this show. I’ll watch it for Zooey though, she’s amazing


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