Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, Episode 3 – ‘Dorylus’ Review

Dorylus Ants – A soldier class among the workers, which is larger, with a very large head and pincer-like mandibles. They are capable of stinging, but very rarely do so, relying instead on their powerful shearing jaws.

Things are heating up for the club, or rather in the club. Clay’s drug muling looks to split the Sons unity down the middle, Gemma confronts Tara about JT’s letters, and Juice gets picked up by the Sheriff. Not a major action episode, but there was still plenty that happened…

Let’s start with Gemma. She’s been super worried about Jax seeing the letters from JT, but Tara has them in hiding. So the Queen Bee feeds her some guilt trip BS about how she let John down earlier and how it was bad for the club. Tara plays dumb and makes copies, which she then takes to storage. This is sure to play a bigger part in coming episodes.

sons of anarchy

Juice getting pinched teaches us that his father is black, and that could be bad news for our cranial tatted friend. You see, all white Biker gangs don’t typically admit black guys. The Sheriff, at the behest of the Feds, is simply laying down a baseline to help swing Juice their way in the future.

The big stuff though, is the vote. Clay is already committed to the cartel without telling the club, and he needs this vote to pass. Jax knows drugs are bad for the cartel, but he’s pushing it so he can take Tara and get out Dodge. The vote drives a wedge between Bobby and Clay, and Piney brings Gemma into it, which Clay doesn’t react well to.

Part of Clay’s deal with Jax though, is that Opie be made President when Clay steps down, to which Clay agrees. But Clay then turns and promises the gavel to Bobby. I’m sure this will all go over smoothly. After the vote passes 6-5, the club seems split…

As Bobby leave he separates from the group, and Gemma knows the vote passed. As is often the case, the Sons’ biggest problems always come from within…

The only real action this week was when Curtis Lemansky Kozik gets the gun truck jacked by some punk kids, and then the club has to hunt them down. Well that and the lone surviving Russian being eaten alive by fire ants…

Though heavy on plot, which is a good thing, it was only an average episode.

3/5 Bears. 

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