America to be Invaded – Red Dawn Remake Releases in 2012

Everybody here holds a soft spot in their heart for the original 1984 Red Dawn. It starred Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Hall, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey, and Lea Thompson alongside others as a group of kids who hide out in the woods after their town is invaded by communist forces from Russia and Mexico.

They then make a bad ass stand against the occupiers and save America and freedom. They probably save France again too, bunch of pussies.

Well you can see why this was a target to be remade, given Hollywood’s flair for repackaging the same stories over and over. The Red Dawn remake was shot in and around Detroit in 2009, but was shelved when MGM went bankrupt. The Russians had been replaced by Chinese for the remake and it was viewed as to inflammatory to our Chinese overlords friends.

Well a little digital magic and the Chinese become the North Koreans. You also add in the fact that it stars actors who in movies that are or will be blockbuster films, Chris Hemsworth of Thor and Josh Hutcherson of The Hunger Games, it becomes an instantly more marketable film.


It is now being reported that the film’s rights have been picked up by FilmDistrict and will be released in 2012. I really want to see this, even though I fear by the time it comes out it will look dated and be a bad movie, because it was one of the first huge movies to come to the mitten state. I got the chance to walk through some of the sets and watch them blow a house up. I’m glad it is going to get dusted off for release and, as much as this pains me to say, “WOLVERINES!!!”

Oh, and it also features Ms. Adrianne “Wonder Woman for a Minute” Palicki

Adrianne Palicki


Images: NBC, MGM/UA Entertainment Co.


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