Dexter: Season 6 Premiere – “Those Kinds of Things” Review (SPOILERS)

Although it does not premiere until October 2, I just watched the first episode of the sixth season of Dexter…and it was fantastic.

The episode began by putting me in a panic. Dexter calls 911 saying he has been stabbed, resulting in his next two victims’ arrival. From the moment the episode began, I could not help but sigh with relief. Dexter Morgan, I have missed you.

This episode “Those Kinds of Things” introduced a new pair of evil-doers: Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) and Colin Hanks (The Good Guys). While not many details were given about what the duo is doing or why, I was pleased to see Hanks in the role of a creeper. It is very believable.

Hanks and Olmos team up to kill a man with a fruit stand, and rip out his intestines. Later in the episode, the vendor washes up on the shore with his stomach stitched up and seven snakes inside of him. It was disgusting and creative. During the first season of Dexter, the beginning of the season began just like this. There was a villain whom intrigued Dexter, but had no known attachment to him. I cannot wait to find out if Hanks or Olmos end up being attached to Dexter or the police station somehow. Speculating helps to pass the time between episodes.

Harrison is all grown up! In episode 1, we get to see Harrison as a toddler, all ready for his big preschool interview. During this interview, Dexter is asked about his religious affiliation. Although he says he believes in nothing, I love how the topic of religion was introduced into the show. Since I began watching this show, I struggled with my own conscience. I have asked myself, would God smite one of his creations if they murdered, even if they were clearly ridding the world of evil? I consider myself a religious person, and have had this conversation with my father. Would I kill someone like Dexter does knowing that murder is a sin, even if I were saving many other lives in the process? If so, what would God’s reaction be? So, when Dexter had one of his old high school classmates on his killing table in saran wrap, I was intrigued. Dex asked Joe Walker, a high school classmate whom Dexter knows killed his wife, how he can defend his religious beliefs and murder someone. Walker says that you can kill and God will forgive you. When Dexter asks if HE could kill Walker and God would forgive him, he says Dexter can’t because you truly have to repent. When Dexter asks him why he did it, he explained that they were having problems and that divorce is expensive. Hammer time.

This episode was fairly deep. Deb and Quinn have a further budding relationship, which works well. There were other light-hearted moments, like Dexter’s high school reunion and Maria/Angel’s promotions. Then, there are the things that make you think, such as Angel’s sister is babysitting for Dexter’s child (Astor and Cody were not mentioned, I don’t believe), and knows that he leaves at night to “get away from it all” and go on his boat.

I am assuming that will come into play later. The introduction of a new murderer/murderers made for a strong start.

The premiere episode was a sure sign that this will be a great season.

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