The Griz Bin – Best Comic Asses, Terrible Super-Husbands, and Bat-Vandalism

Welcome to a new feature here on Grizzly Bomb! I’ll be covering everything that seems to slip through the cracks when we’re talking about comics. Is it Movie or TV related? NO! Is it the newest sensation in Video Game technology? NO! Sports? Celebrities? Comics? NO!!!

Oh, wait… Yea, there will be comics. I got carried away. We’ll be taking a look at lists, art, cosplay, epic fails, anything comic related without being comic specific… I’m confused… Let’s just get to it.

ComicTop 10 Female Comic Book Characters’ Asses: I like how they reassure us that these are female asses. Sorry ladies. – [NerdBastards]

Wolverine Fails The Superhero Test: Hahaha, oh Wolverine. you suck. – [NerdApproved]

Spider-Man XXX Comic Book: Greatest. Idea. Ever. – [Bleeding Cool]

Avengers Ante Up: Art by Von Toten. Hawkeye either has the greatest poker bluff ever or is about to lose his skycycle. – [GeekTyrant]

ComicTop 10 Lamest Superhero Movie Villains: Oh man, all of these are just so, so terrible. The fact that I own all of the movies mentioned? Makes me cool. I think. – [LaserCola]

Sexy Spider-(Wo)Man Body Paint: They say a picture is worth a thousand boners… What? They don’t? Well, they should. – [UniqueDaily]

7 Comic Characters Who Outlasted the Trends That Made Them: Even though we all wish Dazzler died with Disco, for some reason she stuck around. [Cracked]

‘Captain Awesome’ Proves Shields Don’t Work: This Fail is brought to you by Concerned Parents Against Fireworks – [thehighdefinite]

ComicBatman Vandalism Rules: No Penal Code in the world can argue with that – [UniqueDaily]

10 Best Comic Book Castings In Film History: Pretty much what you would expect from a list like this.  – [WhatCulture!]

Skottie Young’s Daily Doodle: Well known Marvel artist gives us a daily drawing on his blog , and they are seriously awesome. – [SkottieYoung]

Justice League of the Americas Will Make You Wish For A Western: My favorite has gotta be Batman in a Duster. – [GammaSquad]

We’re All Batsy in the Belfry: Art by Von Toten. Batman has such great villains, and it looks like most of these were inspired by The Animated Series, which was also great. – [GeekTyrant]


You Can Help Random Blogger Become Batman: And no, the random blogger is not me, I don’t need any help to become Batman. – [GeeksofDoom]

Lex Luthor vs. Facebook: This is hilarity. All facebook feeds need to be like this – [Nerd Approved]


The 6 Worst Comic Book Super-Husbands: Really makes you revalue the married life in this day and age of villains and hot wives. – [Cracked]

And to end this weeks Griz Bin here’s my new favorite thing! The Cracked team talks about the important issues of the day in After Hours:

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