‘Arrested Development’ and It’s Much Deserved Return

Arrested Development is an anomaly of sorts. I’ve never seen a show talked about so little while it was on, and then so much after it was canceled. Simply put – the show was great, and like so many great shows, it garnered no widespread appreciation until it was gone. Despite letter writing and widespread begging by the small, but loyal fan base, FOX canceled the show midway through its 3rd season.

So for the last 5 years rumors have swirled, first about the show moving to Showtime, then about doing a movie, and all the while it felt like Fool’s Gold. The cast kept saying they wanted to do it (just like the casts of Firefly and Veronica Mars) but it never seemed to go anywhere.

That is until the other day when the heavens opened up and shone down a light on the long beleaguered fan base – the Bluths are coming back.

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz said he hopes to “do a limited-run series into the movie,” where the show would come back for approximately 9-10 episodes, with each focusing on just one character, and updating fans on their life over the five years since the series went off the air. These episodes would then lead into the wildly anticipated Arrested Development film.

Bring on Tobias Funke!  

It is expected that the entire principal cast will be involved, which would include Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor, and David Cross.

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