Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, Episode 5 – ‘Brick’ Review

This week we focus on the worst of this season’s storylines – Juice being half-black. Is this really an issue? I understand that it might not be openly endorsed by the club, but it’s not like Happy or the members of the Tuscon charter are white as rice or anything. They’ve worked with Black and Mexican gangs, I can’t see the Sheriff outing him as being worse than stealing drugs from the cartel. Oh, by the way, Juice steals a brick. Hence the title.

Now I know Juice didn’t want to steal it, just take a sample and pass it along. And I know that he got stuck and had to take it, but how hard is it to simply NOT fall asleep in the woods before you can put it back?

Then there is the Otto storyline. Luanne’s murder is still unsolved and he wants it handled., so the Sons set out to track down old Georgie (Tom Arnold) and they find him with a little help from the Hoff!

“She taught me that I was more than just a big cock!”

So the Sons have every intention of putting a hurting on Georgie until they find him to be useful and decide to keep him around a little longer. Sure, they’ll kill him later, but Bobby Elvis tells Otto that the deed is already done. Something tells me that lie is gonna come back around.

So that brings us the meat, and easily most important pieces of Tuesday night’s show – the letters. Piney tells Clay he knows what happened and gives him a clock to either stop the drug flow, or Piney tells the club about how John Teller really died.

That’s right – it’s finally confirmed. Since the first episode in season 1 they have all but said that Clay was responsible for the death of John. This week though it was confirmed not only that Clay had John killed, but that both Gemma and Ex-Police Chief Unser were in on it. That’s pretty major.

So, while I didn’t love the Juice story, the Hoff guest spot and the John Teller reveal more than made up for it. Solid episode, where things once again point to bad endings for Bobby and Piney. 3.5/5 Bears.

 Next Week:

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