Dexter: Season 6, Episode 2 – “Once Upon A Time” Review

The second episode of season six of Dexter “Once Upon a Time”, was basically a setup for the rest of the season. It was packed with delicious morsels of change. For instance, not only did Quinn propose to Deb Morgan, but SHE SAID NO! Since Quinn is my least favorite character, I didn’t want that kind of permanent tie into the show.

Also, little Harrison is pointing out Daddy’s little brown box. Dexter’s box for his blood slides has apparently been seen… by a two-year-old. Don’t worry… Dex got Harrison his own box for his toys. This is a sign, though, that he will be noticing every little thing Dexter does.

 Deb Morgan is Homicide’s new Lieutenant! Although Batista was expecting the position, Matthews gave the job to Deb. LaGuerta is always finding a way to be shady or make Matthews dislike her, and, as Batista said in the episode, he always ends up paying for it.

It is unfortunate, because Angel Batista is one of the coolest characters on Dexter. He is realistic. He has tried picking up a hooker, screwed up his marriage, and got framed by Ms. “Pardon my tits”. Nevertheless, Deb is now leading the department. She is slowly but surely becoming my hero.

As far as Hanks and Olmos’ characters go, they are setting up another crime, although I am not sure what this next one will be. They did find heavy metal toxins in the stomachs of the snakes, giving them a possible lead as to where the mamma snake was kept before she had them. A very nice catch by one of Masuka’s sexy students.

And finally… a new character has been introduced! The very fabulous Mos Def has been introduced as Brother Sam.

Mos plays a reformed sinner. Once a candidate for Dexter’s killing table, Brother Sam’s crime of murder went to mis-trial and then he did a stint in jail for drug possession. He now runs a auto repair shop and works as a mechanic. He takes in the bad guys as mechanics, and helps to keep them in line, all the while attributing his life and success to God.

Dexter doesn’t believe him at first, but gets a kill out of one of the men coming after one of his workers. Brother Sam is introduced very smoothly into the show, and seems to be working very well. I am very excited to see whether he really has turned his life around or not, which is weird because I already feel attached to his character, and he has only been in one episode.

 I am truly looking forward to the next episode! The writers set a lot of really cool differences up, now let’s see if they can live up to my very high standards for this show.

4/5… it was somewhat slow-moving. I loved Quinn’s proposal idea though. Simple… yet adorable.

Oh Vince...

3 thoughts on “Dexter: Season 6, Episode 2 – “Once Upon A Time” Review”

  1. Mos Def is like the sequel to Omar Little. This excites me.

    Clearly this season is pondering whether Dexter can find faith. Lumen helped him see that redemption/absolution is possible… maybe Brother Sam will provide the same moral example during this season? Adama is clearly setting himself up to be a real religious nutjob. It’s going to be important for the show to have a positive man of faith. I don’t see Brother Same turning, but the show has been fearless in the past.

    Pretty excited. Between this, Mad Men and Breaking Bad… we’re in a golden age of cable television.


  2. I agree! I have played so many scenarios out in my head. I cannot see Brother Sam turning, but then again, I never would have seen Deb letting Dex and Lumen go after killing someone, or Rita being killed. This show’s shocking twists are what makes it constantly exciting. This is one of the only shows I have to watch as it airs, because if I see a spoiler I will freak out.


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