Justified: New Season 3 Villains – Neal McDonough & Mykelti Williamson

Somehow, the second season of Justified managed to be better than the first one. I don’t know if it’s possible to expect the same level of improvement this year, but the casting director isn’t hurting their chances. It was announced this week that the show has added 2 new villains who are sure to run into conflict not only with Raylan, but Boyd, and maybe even Dickie too.

Former Boomtown co-stars Neal McDonough and Mykelti Williamson join the cast in an attempt to replace the Bennett clan this season.

Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers) will portray ‘Quarles’, who Screen Rant described as “a Detroit gangster looking to make a power play in the void left by the Crowder and Bennett families from seasons past. Given Quarles hails from the Motor City, and supposedly has a penchant for fine tailoring – he may find himself a fish out of water in Harlan County.” 

I’ve been a big fan of McDonough since his turn as ‘Buck Compton’ on Band of Brothers, but that’s certainly not the extent of his resume. I’ve like him in just about everything I’ve seen him in, and that includes a much underrated performance in SyFy’s Tin Man (right), and of course that fact that he appeared in the only season of Terriers only further endears him to me. And Marvel fans may know he has a long history with the Comic Book Giant having voiced ‘Bruce Banner‘ in The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the 90’s and is now playing ‘Dum Dum Dugan‘ in Marvel’s latest line of movies, including this summer’s Captain America: The First AvengerThe guy is a boss actor and the fact that he’s coming to Harlan via Detroit – I can’t wait.


As his character is from Detroit, this is one of the few roles I would expect him NOT to wear a Cowboy hat…

The other new hire – Mykelti Williamson: “plays ‘Limehouse’ – the decidedly more homegrown of the two baddies in season 3. Limehouse comes from a small, predominantly black town in Harlan County – and has no qualms with breaking the law in order to keep his holler protected.”

Now Williamson has been in plenty of roles over the years, everything from Free Willy 2 to The Final Destination. He played a convict in Con Air and the director of CTU on 24. But the role he is still most known for is that of Forrest Gump‘s best friend – Bubba Blue.

‘Limehouse’ seems like he’ll be the one we are more conflicted towards, as ‘Quarles’ will more than likely be a straight up dickhead from the get go. Maybe a little bit like Wynn Duffy, but less crazy. Anyhow, they’ve already begun filming and the show is set to return with another 13 episode set in January. We’ll try to keep you updated till then.

And to close things out, in case the pregnancy ruins her figure, here is Natalie Zea:

Natalie Zea, Justified, Baby, Esquire
Raylan put a baby in there.
Annnnnnnnnd, you’re welcome.

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