Dexter: Season 6, Episode 3 – “Smokey and the Bandit” Review

In “Smokey and the Bandit”, Dexter sees himself in the Tooth Fairy… a serial killer who keeps teeth as his trophies. Instead of teeth, Dexter has blood slides, and he fears what he will leave behind for Harrison once he is older.

The episode shows Deb’s struggle with her new promotion. She is her ex-boyfriend Quinn’s boss, she has LaGuerta up her ass every second, and on top of all that, she has to decide who to promote to detective to fill her spot. With the new murders to solve, Miami Metro cannot afford to be down a detective. She chooses someone from Chicago as a transfer against Maria’s better judgment, and has to set him straight right away. It is hilarious, as she does in that famous sassy Deb way.

After Dexter picks his car up from the repair shop, Brother Sam invites him to join the shop in Nick’s, a fellow employee’s, baptism. Dexter, however, is spend a lot of time throughout the episode finding out if a member of a senior citizen home, Walter Kenney, who has alienated everyone around him. Dexter poses as “Dan”, a man who is looking to place his father in the facility, and gets close to Kenney. He takes him to a storage facility, where Kenney says he will take the bus from there. Dexter goes into his storage locker when he leaves, and finds a box of teeth: his trophies. Dexter suffocates him.

All the while during this episode, we see Travis and Gellar basically forcing a man to repent. Clearly, it is a man who has done something wrong, or evil in their eyes, and he “has to be pure” before they can proceed with their plans. They are also making mannequins, which the preview of next week’s episode shows atop horses signaling the apocalypse. In the preview, Deb calls the man causing the snake/horseman murders the Dooms Day Killer.

I am not going to lie… I was bored watching this episode. Even though Dexter found a killer he was obsessed with as a child and was disappointed and killed him… even though there was some sort of demented religious/ritualistic imprisonment going on… and even though I got to see Quinn suffer a little bit… I was horribly bored. I was also unimpressed by Dexter’s OBVIOUS statements to himself. Usually between lines he says out loud, Dex thinks something in addition, which only we, the audience, hears. In this episode, they were all very obvious and did not need to be said. It was almost silly. Does he mean that for killing, etc… It was sub-par.

Overall, compared to other Dexter episodes, I would give this one a 2/5. I found myself getting easily distracted by other things. I was not captivated, which is usually the case.

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