Justified Season 3 – Another Cast Addition: Carla Gugino

One of the best shows on TV, which is aired on my favorite station, has just made yet another smart move. They added Carla Gugino. Gugino, for those who can’t place the name right away, was Marv’s hot parole officer ‘Lucille’ in Sin City with the awesomely naked rack. Boom.

This is from TV LINE:

In Season 3 of the acclaimed drama, Gugino will playa Washington, D.C.-based assistant director of the U.S. Marshals Service who used to work with Raglan back in Miami — and as such shares a history with our favorite trigger-happy lawman.

Gugino’s character, who is described as “tough, smart and funny,” comes to Kentucky to help safeguard hidden witnesses who have become vulnerable after the murder of a U.S. Marshal.

And as already pointed out over at Warming Glow, this will not be the first time Gugino and Olyphant will team up, as they were both in the movie Elektra Luxx… 

I love move, Gugino is super underrated and the show runners will be sure to use her effectively. It’s becoming clear that people are stating to take notice of what a great 2nd season they had and good actors want to be involved now.

Fans should be excited about this.


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