Review: Ringer Episode 6 – “The Poor Kids Do It Everyday”

The lies!  The danger!  The blood!  All new episode of Ringer tonight, and I’m here to offer my commentary.

Last week, we were given a few bombshells.  Clearly, Gemma was less than excited about finding out Siobhan’s true identity.  In fact, she was downright livid.  Who knew she would react this way, right?  So what’s the first thing a hurt female does with brand new, juicy information?  Well they blackmail people, of course.  Gemma thinks that forcing Bridget to sleep with Henry and catching them in the act is the best way to go in order to get all the spoils after the divorce.  Bridget, the former stripper, is above whoring herself out and instead offers Gemma something even better: to be Best Friends Forever.  Bridget then presents the friendship bracelets she was up all night making.

Instead of wearing her super cool new bracelet, Gemma instead puts on her coat of the very finest alpaca fur and makes a tearful call to Andrew asking him to come over so she can drop a knowledge bomb on him.  When Andrew gets there, he finds a constipated-looking Henry shoving him out the door.  When we finally get a look inside the place, we see signs of a struggle and blood all over the walls, with a clear insinuation that Henry murdered his wife.

 We continue thinking this a good portion of the way into this week’s episode.  Later, he accuses Bridge of the alleged murder (I say “alleged” because there is no body), even though he bleached his apartment, hid the evidence in a faraway dumpster, and parked Gemma’s car at the airport in a way that would make a Lifetime movie villain take notes.  Bridget finds the bag of evidence and sends an anonymous tip about what she found, appearing that she’s throwing Henry under the bus to save herself.  Instead, she rubbed her fingers all over the broken pottery to leave prints behind.  Maybe she was being selfless in pinning Bridget Kelly so she, masquerading and Siobhan, and Henry would both be removed from blame.  We find out later that Siobhan and her mystery phone buddy were responsible.

Oh, and until this moment, I thought twins had identical finger prints.  Right?  They’re identical.

I felt like this episode was more filler than anything.  Bridget’s relationship with Andrew has gone stale.  Juliet is having trouble fitting in public school.  Which is so weird, because it’s so rare for someone to feel left out in a group of teenagers.  While I feel bad for Malcolm, he’s had no real story substance lately because he’s been fried out of his mind.  Detective Muchado is like an annoying little gnat that won’t go away, and serves no purpose but to remind us that Bridget is a fugitive.

We’re at least set up for some good plot points.  Maybe we’ll finally figure out what the hell is wrong with the real Siobhan.  We’ll figure out what happened to Gemma.  Is she dead?  If so, why was she killed?  Is she alive?  Where is she?  What will she do with all the information she has?  And we’ll figure out how Bridget plans to produce a baby out of thin air.

And Juliet will end up sleeping with that teacher.  Guaranteed.

I give this episode 2.5/5 bears for the old college try; and that “A for effort” stuff doesn’t really apply here.

Tune in to a new episode of Ringer on the CW on Tuesday, November 1st at 9pm!

3 thoughts on “Review: Ringer Episode 6 – “The Poor Kids Do It Everyday””

  1. There’s a perfectly good reason why you gave the show a 2.5 out of 5. It sucks hard. A show that doesn’t even understand extremely basic human anatomy, has poor acting from most people, with poor writing that gives everybody the intelligence of 10 year olds, while also wrecking the chance for a decent plot. If one is going to watch a CW show, The Vampire Diaries is the one to watch, and not this drivel.


  2. 2.5 is okay. I don’t think that this episode was very good either. The show has definitely lost some of its appeal. Even so I will still watch the next one. However, I wonder what the story will be like when they reveal the big secret. It isn’t like the Ringer has that much interesting plot to offer besides that.

    Identical Twins have identical DNA but their fingerprints are different. They are not the same because fingerprints are determined by enviromental factors and not their genetic makeup. This is more or less scientifically proven. So the show is actually correct in that aspect!


  3. Does it bother anyone else that the po-po basically allowed Malcolm to be killed by showing up in the place where he is mostly likely being kept, WITHOUT a warrant? I hope real detectives aren’t like this. “Hmmmm…. let me show up here and tip you off that I’m on to you, and give you just enough time to hide/destroy the evidence before I come back with a warrant.” Um, hellllooo? How did that not occur to them? Malcolm is so cute and the dumb detectives may have ruined his chances of survival just to show off in a strip joint.
    I’m also confused about the whole “Job is done” phone call to Shioban, cuz wasn’t her goal to kill Bridget??? How did Gemma get involved? I agree that it is a pretty crappy show, but for someone who watched AMC and Swan’s Crossing- do you really expect me to have high standards? I too will continue watching next week.


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