South Park: Season 15, Episode 10 “Bass to Mouth” Review

RECAP: In this episode, there is a website “Eaves Dropper” that all of the kids are following. It shows all of its viewers all of the gossip about the students at the elementary school.

 One of the students, Pete, “shit his pants in front of everyone”, and Cartman is spreading the rumor, assisted by the Eaves Dropper website. The staff believes that Pete might kill himself, because of the situation that happened to another student a year ago. They offer him a deal. If Pete doesn’t kill himself, they will make it worth his while.He puts laxatives in cupcakes and offers one to a little girl. She eats it, craps her pants, and then tries to kill herself by jumping off the roof.They then come up with a new plan. A pizza party will feature laxative-filled Pizza Hut…. with Arby’s Horsey sauce.

Also, the other students get a group together to stop Eaves Dropper. They track the IP address from the posts, and find out that it is a rat. His name: Wikileaks. He is Lemmiwinks’ brother. After getting his form of payment (Disney pop star Selena Gomez visits and gets smacked around) Cartman finishes the pizza party setup with the staff.

The title of the episode comes from the magical fish that appears to the students to tell them that Lemmiwinks can help, but he is being held captive. The fish explains the story about how he didn’t make the underage salmon perform bass to mouth. Hilarious! It reminds me of the argument in Clerks II.

The kids grab Lemmiwinks and head to the school. Mr. Mackey throws Cartman under a bus to get rid of him, and tells the kids he killed himself. His suicide note is filled with MKAYs. Lemmiwinks and Wikileaks fight, and Lemmiwinks kills his brother, Wikileaks. Obviously, Cartman didn’t DIE, he just broke some limbs.

Cartman gives the Faculty some laxative cupcakes, making them shit themselves. The reason it was so bad? As Cartman said: “I put A LOT of Arby’s Horsey sauce on those”.

REACTION: The parts with the frog king, bird, and magical Chinese fish were absolutely ridiculous. While this can be funny at times, I thought it was overkill. The fact that Lemmiwinks was brought into the episode was very cool. And naming the rumor-spreading rat Wikileaks was very funny. The laxatives, the pizza party, the plot to kill Cartman… those things were a tad boring to me. I did love the back story about the kid who pooped his pants a year ago and then killed himself. Without that, the first conversation the staff had with Cartman would not have been funny at all.

I have to be honest. These poop-based episodes are very difficult for me to watch or relate to. Being a girl, I don’t poop at all… so I am left with just my imagination to tell me how embarrassing/uncomfortable shitting your pants is.

I would give this episode a 2.5/5, of course I always have very high expectations for South Park.

7 thoughts on “South Park: Season 15, Episode 10 “Bass to Mouth” Review”

  1. I’ll urinate inside your mouth and maybe then you can poop. I’ll also invade your rectal canal with my curved penis and make love to your anus. Bye bye


  2. fome la temporada, no se, si Stan tuviera otra novia (me revienta Wendy, deberian matarla en algun capitulo como lo hicieron con Peep) o no darle tanto con lo del excremento sino molestar a alguna Iglesia o a algun presidente latinoamericano como Chavez, Morales o Lula, o que Kenny tuviera algun superpoder aparte del de morir horriblemente…
    Se nota mucho el cansancio de sus queridos creadores


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