The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2 “Bloodletting” Recap & Review

RECAP: In the beginning of the newest episode of The Walking Dead “Bloodletting”, it flashes back to before the outbreak. Rick has been shot in the line of duty, and Shane goes to tell Laurie. She is at Carl’s school and tells him about it when he gets out.

Flash Forward: Rick is carrying his son Carl and running, because as we know from the last episode, Carl has been shot. The man who accidentally shot Carl tells Rick to take him to Hershel and he will help his boy. This is the introduction of Hershel Greene and his family.

The group is still looking for Sophia, although at this point, they are all very worried. The group in the woods heard one single gunshot (the one that hit Carl), and do not yet know why it was fired. Meanwhile, back at the car, T-Dog needs antibiotics because he clearly has a bad infection. He sliced his skin wide open on a metal shard in the previous episode.

Back on Hershel’s Farm, Hershel needs to get the six fragments of bullet out of Carl, and needs Rick to give him blood. Carl wakes up during this, which is horrifying to watch because he screams until he passes out from either exhaustion or blood loss. Shane goes with Otis to a nearby school to try to find supplies to save Carl.

JUST AS Andrea is about to be made a meal out of by a walker, Maggie Greene comes by to find Laurie, and whacks him with a baseball bat. She tells the group what happened with Carl, and they head out towards the farm. Laurie and Maggie ride up on the horse as Hershel and Rick are having a conversation about the likelihood that this epidemic passes. Laurie cries over Carl telling him over and over again that everything is going to be okay. Laurie and Rick begin talk with Hershel and Laurie questions his practice. She finds out then that Hershel is a veterinarian.

Back at the RV, Daryl hears about T-Dog’s serious blood infection for the first time. He pulls a rag off of his brother’s bike and reveals a large stash of medication. Pain killers and Doxycycline come in most handy.

Shane and Otis come across a huge heard of Zombies at the school and find road flares to distract them. They ransack the place and find a ton of medical supplies, just as they suspected. Unfortunately, when they leave, the walkers get very very hungry. They shoot down the window of the building to get in the other side, but they have a hard time keeping the walkers out using just a gate to hold them back. And for SOME REASON, they thought it was a good idea to end the episode with my ass on the edge of the seat. Thanks a lot, guys.

REACTION: First of all, I am finding it harder to believe that Sophia is alive and well somewhere. I hope she is, but it is hard to believe.

As far as Carl goes, I hope he pulls through. He is a tough kid. He will most likely be okay, but as I said in the last episode’s review, I am sure he will at least slow the group down or put them in very serious danger due to his disability.

Shane is stealthy and very experienced in killing zombies. I am sure he will get out of this situation no problem. As far as Otis goes, I do like his character despite the fact that he shot Carl. He is not in shape and is obviously less experienced in shooting zombies, and I am worried for him. I doubt they will kill him off right away, but I can’t be sure.

As always, I cannot wait for the next one! This episode was a lot less action than I am used to. I would give it a 4/5. I did get a little bit bored, and was bored with all of the emotions running wild.

The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Blue Meth
Walter White's Blue Meth? Nice nod to BREAKING BAD here...

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