#8 – Countdown to Halloween: SLITHER

Slither is a fun ’80s throwback gross-out horror flick starring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, and Michael Rooker. It was written and directed by James Gunn (Super, Lollipop Chainsaw). The story is about a malevolent alien parasite that crash lands in the town of Woodsville. Grant (Rooker) gets infected while romping in the bushes with Brenda (Brenda James) and then begins eating local pets like it’s going out of style while slowly changing into a hideous slug monster.

Grants wife Starla (Banks) begins to question his health. He avoids doctors appointments and crafts lies to keep her in the dark. Sensing her distance from her husband, her childhood crush, town sheriff Bill Pardy (Fillion), attempts to reassure and comfort her.

Grant infects Brenda and secrets her in an isolated barn where she in turn becomes massively obese as baby aliens grow inside her. Sheriff Pardy leads a small group to hunt down Grant only to be lured into a trap where Brenda explodes releasing hundreds of the alien slugs. Most of the group becomes infected and start acting all zombie-like.

Before long, the rest of the town become infected while Sheriff Pardy and the other survivors must find a way to stop the alien menace. All in all Slither was a lot of fun and brought some much needed diversity to the horror genre along with truck loads of slime. 4/5 Great Pumpkins.

For more of the Countdown – Click it here!

Guest Writer – Nathan Troy 

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