South Park: Season 15, Episode 14 – “The Poor Kid”

Yesterday, Comedy Central aired the South Park Season 15 Finale. For those of you who may have missed it, here is a little recap:

In the beginning of this episode, Kenny’s family is fighting while he is watching an episode of “White Trash in Trouble”. He sees that his house is being raided by the TV show. Kenny’s parents are taken to jail, and the kids interviewed by Child Protective Services, who puts them with a foster family. Kenny and his brother and sister get sent to a strict agnostic home full of other foster children.

Butters and Cartman investigate into who is the poorest kid in school is now that Kenny is gone, which turns out to be Cartman.

The agnostic man of the house is absolutely hilarious. They are not to take the lord’s name in vein just in case he exists, and their house motto is full of uncertainties. It had me cracking up.The prayer at the dinner table was my favorite part. Another favorite part is that while in the agnostic household, all they drink is Dr. Pepper, because there is no certainty of what it actually is. Not quite root beer… not quite cola.

Cartman and Kenny begin attending a new school. Cartman did an extremely long song and dance number, with over 40 yo’ mama jokes in it, to make fun of the poorest kid in school.

The CPS adviser gets a tip from Cartman that all the parents are giving the kids at their foster home is Dr. Pepper. He looks around the house and sees the “punishment room”. He explains how horrible he is for taking kids away from their parents and giving them to homes that they don’t investigate into, assuming they are better.

The episode ends with… of course… Kenny getting eaten by a giant bird, making Cartman the poorest kid at school once again.


I have already said this, but I thought that the agnostic household rules were an absolutely hilarious old-school South Park jab.

Normal…ish people are just one Pabst Blue Ribbon beer away from becoming white trash. FACT!

Oh, how wonderful and nostalgic it was to hear all of those yo’ mama jokes from Cartman! I cannot remember the last time I heard a good joke like that.

This episode was well done and the ending was just how I like my abrupt South Park episode endings… nonsensical and ridiculous.

“The Poor Kid” gets a 5 out of 5 all day long!

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