‘Empire’ Covers Reveal More of Bane and the Bat

Heyoooooooo! As if we all weren’t ready to eat our own faces in anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises footage playing before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Empire Magazine was nice enough to give us a little look at their upcoming covers feature Mr. Bane himself and Bale’s Batman. Not a real big deal on the Batman one, but the Bane cover gives us a pretty good look at ‘the man who broke the bat’. I suppose I’m still pretty indifferent at this point about his look. The mask isn’t terribly ridiculous but it isn’t effin’ awesome either. I’ll reserve all judgments until I see it on screen. Not to mention his voice, which in the spy video from Heinz Field sounded like a stoned impersonation of Don Corleone from The Godfather.

And a bad impersonation at that. Oh well, I’ll still be seeing the movie come Hell, high water or terrible voices. Yes Mr. Bale I’m looking at you.

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