The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 6 – “Secrets”

In the beginning of this episode, Carl and Lori are feeding the chickens on Hershel’s farm. The mother chicken is missing, and we see Patricia feed the live hen to the walkers being kept in Hershel’s hayloft. Oh yes… I have been anticipating this episode for what has been the longest week of waiting ever! Carl steals a gun and tells Shane that he wants to learn to shoot. It took a lot of convincing for Lori, but she and Rick allowed Carl to go learn to shoot guns with Shane. At shooting practice with the group, Andrea wows Rick and Shane with her target skills.

FYI: Never tell Glenn a secret. He told Dale about the walkers in the barn and that Lori is pregnant. Dale confronted Hershel about the walkers in his barn. He explained that the atrocities he saw were men killing sick men, whether they were walkers or not. Also, that Hershel has family members in the barn who are walkers. Dale confronts Lori about her pregnancy. He also brought up the Shane situation, which no one has really brought up since the first season. Lori says that she is living off of memories of joy. She also says that Carl probably has no memories of joy left, and that the baby would have none.

Glenn is very easily one of my favorite characters. He told Lori that if she needed anything at all he would help her, since she hasn’t told Rick. He is making a trip into town for her. He seems to be the only character who is not yet jaded by what is going on around them. While he and Maggie are in the drug store in town, Glenn has to brutally kill a walker who is after Maggie.When Glenn and Maggie get back to Hershel’s farm, Maggie screams at Lori. Lori apparently asked Glenn to get her morning after pills, or “abortion pills”. Maggie also tells Glenn that he is walker bait, and she can’t take him turning into one of them.

Shane and Andrea had a lead on where Sophia might be, and went to scope it out. Although it was a dead end, Andrea got some good target practice in. Although I still believe that Shane is a douche, he seems to be an amazing shooting teacher.

I would like to say that Andrea grabbing Shane’s package while he was driving was the coolest thing she has done in this show so far. Then, she hit that.

I feel horrible for Rick. In fact, I have felt horrible for Rick throughout this entire series. First, he is all alone in season one to protect himself and try to find his family. During this, Lori was seeing Rick’s best friend Shane. She has not told him. Rick has also been responsible for being the leader of the group, and keeping them safe. Then, his little boy gets shot on his watch. Now, Lori is pregnant and did not tell him. When he confronts him, she tells him about her fling with Shane. Any man would probably eat a bullet after all of that. Yet, somehow, Rick is still standing.

I hope that Lori keeps her baby. I feel like having a pure sweet little baby around the group would give them joy and hope. However, the crying would put the group in danger, just as Lori said. Not to mention a pregnant woman needing so much medical care. I am not sure what will happen, but I love guessing. As always, this episode was intense and kept me interested from the first minute to the last.

I would give it 5 Grizzly’s out of 5.

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 6 – “Secrets””

  1. 5 out of 5? VERY generous, this programme is being ridiculous, even if it cant actually physically be ridiculous. Drag out the missing child storyline much longer and I am done, does AMC think everyone wants a ‘The Killing’ style drag out that actually goes nowhere and alienates all the fanbase it has built up? Also, Shane is not a ‘douche’ he is a great, three dimensional character, something Dale is not. These reviews of yours seem to be rather rose tinted, I’m also a fan, but you seem to be overlooking the many many flaws they seem to have let creep into the writing of this show.


    1. I suppose I’m letting the fact that I’m a huge fan affect the rating. I do believe that anyone who shoots a man who then gets feasted upon by zombies is a DOUCHE! I have mentioned in the past that the missing Sophia story is being drawn out way too much, so I definitely agree with that! When the lead on Sophia was a dead end, I lost interest in the episode until I saw Andrea shooting.


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