Sexy Seyfried in “Gone” – Check Out The Trailer!

On February 24, 2012, Gone will hit theaters everywhere!

In Gone, Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, In Time) plays Jill, a woman who was a victim of attempted murder.

Two years before present-time in the thriller, Jill was kidnapped and thrown down a hole to die. In that hole, she saw other human remains. She somehow escaped, only to experience her sister being kidnapped two years after her attack. Now, Jill must find her captor, as she assumes he also took her sister.
Cast alongside the sexy star are:

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter)
Sebastian Stan (Captain America)
Wes Bentley (Jonah Hex)
Daniel Sunjata (Grey’s Anatomy)
Joel David Moore (Avatar; Also has a robot vagina)
Katherine Moenning (The L Word, Also played a he-she in an episode of Law and Order SVU)

Here is the trailer that has us so excited:

I expect that I will be in a comfy movie theater seat February 24th to see this.

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