Now we just reviewed the top 10 negatives of the NBA.  Let’s take a look at the positives.  The fundamentals of the game are still the same and it’s still the game of basketball itself that excites me.  Removing all the “entertainment” and “drama”, there’s still a game being played where there’s a winner and a loser, rivalries, and unbelievable individual performances.  Now that we’re a few weeks away from tip-off and hearing all the free agent talks and trade rumors, I’m getting pumped up for the season.  I won’t even consider December 25, 2011 Christmas Day anymore but rather Opening Day.


10.)  Amnesty Clause Effect

Which teams will claim specific players affected by the amnesty clause?  This new clause in the new CBA is an interesting addition.  Teams are allowed to cut a player’s contract from their salary cap and another team may claim that player and that player has to report to that specific team.  There will be some talented players available due to this clause.

9.) Development of Knight & Monroe

This is more of a homer pick.  As bad as the Pistons were the last two years, they were rewarded by picking up two pieces to their future. Monroe looks to be the team’s big man of the future.  Now will rookie Brandon Knight be the team’s future point man along with Rodney Stuckey in the backcourt?

8.)  Can Durant & Westbrook Co-Exist?

Both are extremely talented players. In my opinion, KD is the second best player in the league behind Kobe.  In OKC, KD is the man.  There were flashes in the playoffs last year where it was unsure who was the go-to-guy though.  Westbrooke is a top five point guard but he’ll need to learn to defer to Durant.  Will this be the roadblock that keeps OKC from taking the next level?

7.)  Can Derrick Rose repeat at NBA MVP?

This guy has improved every single year he’s been in the league and has catapulted himself into one of the top five best players in the league.  It’s crazy to see what else he’s going to be able to do this year.  If this guy can become a lock down defender, he’s automatically the best player in the league.

6.)  Can Kobe and Mike Brown get along?

Mike Brown doesn’t have the accomplishments and rings that Phil Jackson has.  He doesn’t run the triangle offense.  He’s not as laid back as Phil. He’s not a zen master.  He’s just a solid coach.  Will Kobe respect the decisions and style of play Brown brings?  Brown will be scrutinized to the bone and will be always be compared to Jackson unless he wins a ring. Is this truly the man Kobe wants to play for?

5.)  Andrew Bynum vs. JJ Barea

David vs. Goliath.  When these two teams meet you know there will be some words.  I don’t expect JJ Barea to back down at all.  He’s a fiesty little guy.  I actually think he’ll be the instigator during the first matchup.  It’ll be interesting to see  Barea break down his man and takes it to the hole only to encounter Bynum.

4.)  Can Dallas Mavericks repeat?

The Mavs should be bringing pretty much everyone back to make another title run.  There’s no question their championship was no fluke.  Barring any surprises like Dirk retiring, this team should still end up with one of the best records in the league.  Question is can they join the likes of the Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Bulls, and Rockets with back-to-back championships?

3.)  Blake Griffin Dunks

In his rookie year, this guy showed how freakishly athletic he can be.  If you haven’t seen his dunks, check them out.  This guy attacks the rim like bacteria on an open wound.  His skill and vertical combined with his power is ridiculous.  Look for him to also use his use  his athleticism to put on highlight reels of his blocks.  He’s already surpassed Shawn Kemp in my books as a fiercest dunker at the power forward position.

2.) Could Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, and Deron Williams all be traded?

CP3, Howard, and Williams are all free agents at the end of the season.  Rumors have CP3 wanting to go to New York.  Williams doesn’t want to sign an extension with New Jersey.  (Who would though?) The Magic are afraid Howard may walk and they get nothing in return.  Boston is looking to see what Rondo’s worth is.

 1.)  Lebron failing to win a championship

Most people are still irked by the way Lebron held “The Decision” as well irritated by how conceited he is.  Although, he’s probably a major part of the NBA’s revenue, he is probably the most hated person by fans. The hatred had to have skyrocketed even more after his post game comments after the Heat were eliminated in Game 6.  People want to see him fail to win a championship again.  The NBA needs that guy that everyone hates.  Lebron fits the bill.  It makes watching the game that more exciting.  Oh let’s not foreget, Darko has a ring and Lebron still has no jewelry.

Well folks, let the season begin.  3 weeks away.  Let’s do this.

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One thought on “NBA Lockout Over: 10 REASONS TO BE EXCITED ABOUT NBA”

  1. I’m most excited to see what the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest will have on the back of his jersey.

    “World Peace”, “Peace”, or just the whole damn name hyphenated. Bets anyone?


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