Dexter: Season 6 Finale – “This is the Way the World Ends”- SPOILERS AHEAD

The season finale for Dexter begins where the last episode left off; Dexter is in the lake where Travis left him. Lucky for Dex, a boat full of Cubans fleeing to America pull up and fish him out of the water, thus saving him from impending doom. Shortly after this, the boat’s captain decides to rob his passengers and Dexter is forced to harpoon him and dump the body overboard. Then, as the boat gets near the coast, they all abandon ship and swim up to the shore. USA! USA!

Dexter calls Jamie to pick him up and she has Harrison with her. Seeing the little man walking now is so crazy! Seems like just yesterday he was crying in a pool of Rita’s blood…

Travis is clearly getting a little impatient with his ending the world. He is yelling at dead bodies and braking random coffee tables (which breaks my heart, because I have yet to buy coffee tables for my house). Deb goes to visit Dexter because she was worried. They get called to a crime scene which is the house Travis was in, the dead couple still lying on the floor. Seeing Deb all hot and bothered by Dexter makes me laugh out loud. She is stumbling over her words and breathing all heavy when he walks by her. I understand… although it is creepy for her to want him growing up as his sister, he is the sexiest man she is around on a regular basis. As Travis pulls up to the house and sees that it is overrun by Miami Metro, he goes to Dexter’s home.

Back at the station, Deb gets a picture of the Lake of Fire sent to her from someone’s cell phone. She knows now that when the eclipse hits four hours from then is when Travis is going to see the world end… unless they stop it. LaGuerta mysteriously agrees with Deb that they need to put uniforms on top of each building in Miami over 400 feet.

Travis makes it to Dexter’s apartment and sees that he has a son. He also saw the information for the Noah’s ark pageant. Dexter and Harrison as lions: CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Deb and Maria figure that Travis might be killing a lamb as the last sacrifice… which could be an innocent child. As Dexter runs to try to find Harrison, he realizes that Travis has walked away with him.

On the roof, a policeman is armed and waiting for Travis. Travis sends Harrison out to distract the cop. Travis then kills him and goes into the sun to sacrifice Harrison. Dexter runs up at that second and foils his plan. Dexter agrees to inject himself with his needle once Travis lets Harrison go. As Harrison gets onto the elevator Dexter pushes the plunger… or so Travis thinks. Dexter gets him down and grabs Harrison.

When the cop who Travis has killed does not respond, Deb and the team run to that building. They see that Travis has been there and that he got away. LaGuerta tells Deb that she needs to stop letting her emotions take control of her life. Sound advice from a seemingly heartless bitch. Nevertheless, it is clear that Deb is losing it.

Deb admits that she is in love with Dexter. Not that she loves him, but that she is in love. She explains that her entire life makes sense now and that she wants to tell him. She tells this all, of course, to her therapist. I wonder if she has a connection to Louis, because between the two of them, they could ruin the Morgan family.

Next, we see Travis on Dexter’s killing table wearing the famous saran wrap dress.

 “I am a father, a son, and a serial killer”

While Dexter is talking to Travis, Deb walks into the abandoned church. Dexter shoves his knife into Travis’s heart just as Deb turns the corner and she sees the entire thing! Dexter looks over and sees her, and the look on her face. End of finale.

First things first: OHMYGODHOLYSHITWOW! Not exactly the O-face she thought she would be showing him…

 Second: Let’s make predictions for season 7!

– Deb joins Dexter in a brother-sister serial killing duo.
– Deb turns Dexter into the police (unlikely).
– Deb is so turned on by Dexter’s bad boy image that they hook up right in front of Travis’s dead body.
– Deb needs an emergency appointment at her therapist’s office (likely).
– Dexter tells Deb that this is a one time thing and that Travis tried to kill Harrison so he had to kill him. They never speak of it again.
– Dexter tells Deb all about his childhood and how he has always been different. She accepts him for the serial killer that he is and tries to be a good sister… erm….. lover…?
– Since Dexter is a sociopath, I believe that he could make Deb believe that the situation was either Travis or himself. He could explain that Travis threw him overboard the boat the other day and has since tried killing him again.
– Dexter kills his sister (unlikely).

I am pissed about a few things:

– Dexter didn’t find the prosthetic before the end of the episode.
– There is no way that a nun releases a child into the custody of someone in a mask. No one else had their masks on, and she would have thought to make sure before releasing a toddler to their parent.
– As Dr. Kronner pointed out Mos Def’s role in season 6 becomes almost completely unnecessary when you don’t resolve the religion issue. Dexter was in a Noah’s Ark pageant with his son and told Harrison that if someone from above really did save his life, they did it for Harrison and not him. Yet, Dexter mocks the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost at the end of the episode, and tells Travis that God had nothing to do with Dexter killing him. I have no clue what Dexter believes. The only times religion has been brought up this episode, all we see is Dexter going back and forth with his own beliefs. He never says flat out wither way. The reason for Brother Sam and Dexter’s relationship, at least in Sam’s eyes, was to show Dexter the life of religion, and get him closer to God. “It’s not too late for your dark passenger”.
– I think that if Deb really is in love with her brother she would take more than one episode to become fully aware of it, embrace it, and admit it, let alone think of ways to tell him.

I would give this season finale a 3.5/5

Final thought about season 6:

I hate the type of people who sit around a television and shout out what they think will happen next. I am the type of viewer who would rather get lost in the action. I would rather be taken over by a piece of media. When I hear a song for the first time, I do not try to hum along, I listen to chord progressions and bass-lines, and the feeling in the voice. When I watch a television show, I listen for what is happening at the moment. I do not try to predict who is going to walk through the door. One thing that disappointed me is that much of this season has been predictable. I could not help but to know that Travis is going to kidnap Harrison or that LaGuerta was going to out Matthews about the call girl incident. This season has been interesting and exciting, but was not the best season by far. I have extraordinarily high expectations for this show and I have seen it too much better.

2 thoughts on “Dexter: Season 6 Finale – “This is the Way the World Ends”- SPOILERS AHEAD”

  1. at the end of the last season, A LOT of people were steaming pissed that deb didn’t find out, because there was a sheet of plastic hanging between her and dexter…the audience was apparently ready for it, and i’m really glad they delivered on it in the way that they did: when deb is conscious of the sexual tension between her and dexter (also acknowledging those viewers who often yell at their tvs “will those two just get it on already?!”) meaning that her devotion to him is now greater than ever…all signs point to deb being the one to find out first, and i’m glad they spiced it up in the way that they did…

    regarding dexter not finding the hand, though, i thought that worked…they did a good job of setting up for the next season with the lab intern/computer whiz/fan-of-dexter character, and they needed to show that the hand had been shipped to his home…but if dexter would’ve found it himself, it would have broken up the momentum that the finale had going for it; as well as fizzling out into “who sent this? well, i’ll just clean it and put it back into evidence where it belongs”…dexter WILL eventually find the prosthetic, and in the meantime, we get to wait in anticipation for how he’ll react to it, and the show further cements the lab intern as an important character for next season…

    furthermore, HOLY SHIT DEB KNOWS!!! :O


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