Release Date for Paranormal Activity 4 ANNOUNCED

As a fan of this series of horror flicks, I am thrilled to reveal that the fourth installment to the Paranormal Activity franchise will be ready by this Halloween! The first movie was made on a $15,000 budget and grossed $194.4 million. I would suffer through that all day long!

For obvious reasons, they continued on with 2, then 3. I went to the midnight showing for Paranormal Activity 3, and I have to say that I was shocked by the amount of people at the theater. Despite the gross of the first movie, I was under the impression that this series was much more underground and unrecognized. I was corrected when I had to stand in a mile-long line for the theater. My first thought was “Oh God, no! It must be another stupid Twilight movie”. I asked the lady behind the counter what the massive crowd was for and she laughed and said “uh… Paranormal Activity.” Yes, she was a twat about it. Although the theater was full of super-douches and loud bitches, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I will be going to the midnight showing for Paranormal Activity 4 on October 19. You better believe that I will be back here to either rave about it or rant until I am blue in the face!

If you haven’t seen these, you can rent out the first 3 Paranormal Activitys at LOVEFiLM today. If you are not already a member, sign up at LOVEFiLM now to get a 2 week free trial…

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