Friday the 13th: All of Jason Voorhees’ Kills in Just 2 Minutes!

So here we are again – Friday the 13th. And for most people whose brains are as riddled with graphic violence as mine is, that screams Jason Voorhees.  With 32 credits on his IMDb page since 1980, it’s easy to see how he’s become a big part of popular culture. Jason is one of the most recognizable genre characters of all time, which is why we’ve seen him pop in other mediums. From Robot Chicken, The Simpsons and Family Guy, to The Arsenio Hall Show.

Outside of television, we’ve also seen him appear live to promote upcoming movies, like this weigh-in with Freddy before their 2003 co-starring venture. The undisputed horror icons of the 1980s, Jason and Freddy, still battling it out in the new millennium.

The internet has certainly had a field day at the expense of the masked killer too. Mash-up videos and the such, are littered across YouTube…

But the reason we watch is for the ridiculous kills, so the best videos out there are the ones that let you run through the whole pantheon of Jason-inflicted violence in just a couple of minutes.

And a bonus, from the National Post, an info-graphic on all of Jason’s adventures!



Images: Paramount Pictures,
New Line Cinema, FOX, National Post, CBS

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