The Return of ‘Mad Men’: Season 5

For those of you who have been pining for the most boringly interesting show on television to return, and I say that as a fan, your wait is almost over.

Don, Peggy, Roger and especially Joan will be back when Mad Men finally debuts its first episode of season five March 25th on AMC.

The poster announcing the return has been creating some online controversy because of its likeness to some chilling images from 9/11, but anyone who’s upset about this is late to the party because Mad Men has been using the falling man graphic since it’s debut in 2007. This is simply a bit of Don Draper magic, capturing the viewer as simply and as powerfully as possible. It will be a relief to see the Mad Men characters back in their familiar swarthy Manhattanite atmospheres instead of popping up in various television shows and movies.

Alison Brie has been on Community for years now but every time I watch TV these days it seems I see a Mad Men cast member pulling a cameo or showing up in movie previews, especially Jared Harris. I suppose it’s a tribute to the quality of the actors that populate the world of Mad Men but I think I’m really ready to see John Slattery behind a glass of Scotch and Jon Hamm playing a character with 2 hands again.

Mad Men has been critically acclaimed, garnering multiple Emmys per season, and hugely popular among its fan base but the high cost of production was causing labored negotiations between AMC and the shows creator Matthew Weiner. In the end however it looks like Weiner won and the show will continue for at least three more seasons at its current budget. This means more painstakingly re-created period sets, historically significant plot lines and certainly a lot more drinking lunches. Bring it on.

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