The Walking Dead Update: A Need for More Zombies and the Battle for Governor

This is not the first time I have heard little grumbles about season 2 of the AMC series, The Walking Dead. Reading an article on Warming Glow made me realize how very often I have seen online TWD threads complaining about the lack of zombies, and how slow season 2 has been. Of course I absolutely agree, especially after reading about the season 2 opener that we will never see. A show revolving around the zombie apocalypse… we should not have to tell you that there should be more action! The way the season began, with Sophia being lost, was a setup for a long and drawn out, dramatic plot point. By episode 4, no one cared about Sophia anymore.

Hershel added a much-needed opposing point to the story. It was a very realistic element to TWD… seeing someone who morally could not bring himself to kill the walkers. However, how many zombies did we actually see action with this season? Not enough.

The incident with Shane and Otis was probably the most exciting zombie-related scene in all of season 2 so far. Bottom line: Don’t get boring on us! We need action! Grumble grumble grumble.

Next order of business: The Walking Dead needs a Governor!

The role of Philip Blake (The Governor from the Comics) is needed for season 3 and it appears to be between two people. Horror legend Tom Savini is campaigning for the role. He has put himself out there, stating that every time he looks at the comics, he sees himself in the governor. I must say, the two look eerily alike. He has a lot of experience in working with zombies. He was in the original Dawn of the Dead AND the 2004 remake! He also starred in one of my favorite movies of all time, From Dusk Till Dawn as ‘Sex Machine’!!

The Walking Dead, The Governor, John Hawkes, Tom Savini

He has said that  he is available, but was told by Greg Nicotero (special effects makeup for TWD) that they are going after a name. John Hawkes (Deadwood, Wristcutters, Eastbound and Down) is who they are looking to play the Governor, although it has not been officially decided yet as far as we know.

Only eleven more days until The Walking Dead returns to AMC!

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