The Walking Dead Finds a Governor!

For those of you wondering which actor is going to be playing that sicko bastard The Governor in the Walking Dead TV series, then wonder no more as he has been cast!


David Morrissey has most recently been in the movies Centurion and the Jason Statham cop thriller Blitz. Morrisey also has quite an extensive TV career, but nothing of which I’ve heard of, but feel free to check out his resume’ at IMDB.

For those of you not familiar with the good ole’ Governor, he is the leader of another group of zombie survivors in the town of Woodbury. Now this guy is completely freakin’ nuts. Reading the issues of Walking Dead with him in it were some of the most sadistic and gruesome things I’ve read in comics. Of course now a bunch of comics follow suit with the gruesomness in The Walking Dead, but at the time there wasn’t a whole lot besides The Punisher MAX and maybe Preacher that were as graphic as the Governor issues. Just know that this guy will most definitely change the face of the show if they even remotely stick to the comics. Lord knows they’ve taken plenty of liberties with the show thus far not having it follow the comics exactly, and I agree that the show is better of for it.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Walking Dead TV series, but I may have to jump back on board just to see how they handle a lot of scenes with the Governor and what kind of spirit that David Morrissey brings to the role. I’d love to see the picture below play out on screen.

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