The Dictator (1) – Ryan Seacrest (0)

If there’s anything I hate more than the Oscars, it’s Ryan Seacrest and last night had plenty of both. The walking joke was on the red carpet as usual last night spouting off the mindless drivel about what everyone is wearing as only Seacrest can do, but I’ll bet he didn’t plan on running into Admiral General Aladeen. Yes the Dictator was in rare form in his political stance of “death to the West” and even brought a date to the Red Carpet event in the form of Kim Jong Il… in the form of an urn supposedly filled with his ashes. What happens next can only be enjoyed visually, so enjoy it below:

I have to say it wasn’t really that funny of a joke, I just kind of get personal satisfaction seeing it happen to Seacrest and then watch him try to maintain his cool to no avail. Granted, I’d be pretty pissed if someone did that to my tux, but I’m not rich and odds are he was renting that for the Oscars. Sacha Baron Cohen continues to bring his characters to the world at the expense of many people’s tuxedos and dignity. I have to say though, he is very good at it. It looks like this might be the one character of his that doesn’t really fool anyone. His other stereotypes might ring true to many of us, but we see so many idiotic Middle East leaders on TV nowadays that there’s never going to be one that we might have missed. Plus the guy’s an effin’ Admiral General. Be sure to give the Dictator a look on May 11th 2012 as it hits theaters, it’s bound to be offensive and funny.

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