The Daily…err…The Daly Show

Today Gamma Squad posted an episode of ‘The Daly Show‘ which guest starred Michael Rosenbaum and Malcom Reynolds Nathan Fillion. So I watched it and loved it and wondered how it was that I had not heard about this show sooner. So I went back and watched the first 6 episodes and I gotta say, they’re hilarious.

Tim Daly and his son Sam play themselves and in a series of 5 minute episodes deal with real issues, like looking like a douche and wether or not Taye Diggs tastes like chocolate.

Here are the links to the episodes if you want to get caught up, or if you just want to watch the one with Fillion, I’ve included it below…

– The Daly Show: Episode 1 “The Daly Douche”
– The Daly Show: Episode 2 “The Daly Double”
– The Daly Show: Episode 3 “The Daly Chocolate” with Taye Diggs
– The Daly Show: Episode 4 “The Daly Family Tree” with Amy Brenneman
– The Daly Show: Episode 5 “The Daly Christmas”
– The Daly Show: Episode 6 “The Super Bowl”

and finally…

– The Daly Show: Episode 7: “The Daly Superheroes” with NATHAN FILLION

I loved when Fillion pulled out the hammer, an obvious nod to his role as ‘The Hammer’ in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. It’s nice to see guys having fun with stuff like this and not taking themselves too seriously. This was probably my favorite episode, but ‘The Daly Double’ isn’t far behind. What’d you think?

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