Peter Jackson and His ‘Hobbit’ Video Blogs

Just watched another riveting behind the scenes video of The Hobbit franchise as Peter Jackson gave us his 6th installment, and the first we’ve seen in quite some time.  After the longest 12 minutes I’ve experienced since right before I walked out of Star Wars: Episode One, I learned virtually nothing about the film, but a lot about New Zealand.  Like they have thorn bushes.  And floods.  And everything is pretty.  It kind of felt like I was watching a really boring old dude’s vacation with his family Dungeons and Dragons buddies.

There are so many dwarves I felt like I was manning Snow White’s peephole.  They weren’t really doing anything, just standing around talking; although I did like the look of the scene with them floating down the river in barrels. Also, Andy Serkis needs a haircut.  Yikes.  Maybe Hobbit Gollum will have a mullet.

While the videos don’t really lend any new knowledge about the film, it’s always good to see Peter Jackson continuing his vision for the newest Middle Earth installments.  The man has imagination in spades; even though it appears he only owns one shirt…

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