Men In Black III: The New Trailer, Giant Catfish Included!

The new trailer for Men In Black III is out! The trailer includes a giant catfish fighting Will Smith, time travel, and Josh Brolan acting as a 29-year-old Tommy Lee Jones. That last one really made my day! Check it out:

In case you missed it, here is trailer #1:

Men In Black III will be Barry Sonnenfeld’s most potentially disastrous film of the series… at least that is what I gathered from an interview he did with Empire magazine. In this interview, he told Empire that they began filming MIB III with NO ENDING to the script! This, to me, screams professional as f–k. However, to his credit, the trailers look pretty impressive. The plot is also pretty unique.

Apparently, Will Smith’s character, Agent J, has to go back in time to get Agent K to stop an alien invasion in the future. He goes back to 1969, where we see Bill Hader as young Andy Warhol. It sounds like this movie could easily be a disaster… but it won’t be.

I am a huge fan of the first movie, I enjoyed the second movie, and I am thoroughly excited for the third! (Apparently, Lady Gaga may be making an appearance in this movie.I think we all know why.)

Put your shades on, grab your flashy thingy, and meet me in the theater on May 25 when this masterpiece will be released.

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