Parks and Recreation Finale Has Two Endings!

If you don’t watch Parks and Recreation you’re a moron.  The show is absolutely hilarious, and Amy Poehler is brilliant as the main character, Leslie Knope.  The show is currently in its fourth season on NBC; and the story arc of the season has primarily revolved around Leslie’s campaign for city council.  It’s been a rocky road on her way to election day, and the show’s writers have been extremely tight-lipped about what the outcome will be.  So tight-lipped, in fact, that they made the decision to film two different finales: one in which Leslie wins the election and one in which she loses.  It’s like they’re creating their very own ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel.

It could really go either way.  There’s no real buildup or progression to one specific outcome that has taken over the season.  On the one hand, it would be incredibly interesting to have her win.  If the show gets renewed, It would open up possibilities for multiple different story arcs and really build on Leslie’s character.  Not only would she be working in the Parks Department, she would be a part of something completely new; a realm that could introduce us to a multitude of new and interesting characters.  On the other hand, nothing in life is that easy.  It might come off as cheesy and predictable if she wins.  If the show does not get renewed, though, it would be the perfect ending.

I’m looking forward to see how this season plays out.  While I’m sick of depressed Chris, Ron Swanson always makes my life better; and I can’t get enough of how funny Tom and Anne are as a couple.  Also, I really hope they bring back Paul Rudd!

It’ll also be interesting to see what happens with Ben and Leslie’s relationship.  This is what TV does to us — gets us invested in getting two people together, and once we get them together we find any reason in the world to tear them apart.  It’s a depressing allegory for life, but man does it make interesting TV.  Interviews with the writers of the show and with Amy Poehler have alluded to something happening between the two of them.  They use terms like “monkey wrenches.”  Amy Poehler said the finale will be “juicy.”  We’re all getting juicy just thinking about it.

Parks and Recreation returns to NBC on April 19!

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