Logical predictions for ‘John Cena vs. The Rock’ at Wrestlemania 28

Here’s the truth – I was content just sitting back until Wrestlemania and seeing what happens in the much anticipated main event clash between John Cena and the Rock. However, I can only read so many articles where a writer shoves his biased, bullshit, illogical opinion down my throat until I finally have to speak up. Here’s the deal Bleacher Report, I get it, you all like the Rock, and furthermore, you all seem to be convinced that John Cena is going to turn heel after or during his match at Wrestlemania, but you never seem to offer a valid explanation as to why. So right now, I’m going to take time out of my day to tell you all exactly why it’s not going to happen!

Over the past six years, the WWE has pushed John Cena as the face of the company. From make-a-wish trips, to anti-bullying campaigns, to representing the WWE at major sporting events, John Cena has done it all for the company. Let me ask you something, after years of investing all of this effort into John Cena being the man to respectfully represent the company, why in the Hell would they turn him heel? Who would the WWE send to anti-bullying campaigns?? The bad guy in the company?? I don’t think so! There is more to John Cena’s character than just his contribution to a storyline. I’ve been hearing about this John Cena heel turn for years, and low and behold it has not happened!

Not only would a John Cena heel turn be about the phoniest heel turn since good ole’ JR, but it would be extremely bad for business. Look into any crowd, on any given Monday Night Raw and you’ll see thousands of children pack the arena decked out in John Cena gear. John Cena has become an idol to the younger viewers with his superman like physique and his “never say die,” mentallity. Should John Cena turn heel, whose merchandise are these young fans buying?? That’s right, nobody’s, because nobody’s character appeals to younger fans the way Cena’s does. A Cena heel turn would not only kill merchandise sales, but also lose viewers. The move would be all around bad for business, and I think the WWE knows this!

Although I heavily knock this prediction, I will say that I wouldn’t ever rule the possibility out completely. It would not be the first time that the WWE has made a bad character decision, I just find it to be nearly impossible at this point.

So with that being said, who do I think is going to win the showdown at Wrestlemania?? Only one outcome makes sense, and that is John Cena winning the match outright and in a fair way. If the Rock comes in and beats John Cena fair and square, how does that make the WWE look currently? I mean think about it, to have the Rock come in after an eight year absence and defeat the best wrestler the company currently has, will just cement the already strong speculation that the WWE’s glory days are long behind it. Wrestlemania needs to end with the fans knowing that the WWE is currently at it’s best, and the talent that is currently on the roster is better than it has ever been!

I believe that John Cena will win the match, and after the match you will see a hand shake between the Rock and John Cena, which will result in the fans coming back to the side of John Cena. All it takes for John Cena to get the fans on his side again, is for the Rock to show that he likes John Cena, or at least that there is a mutual respect between the two of them.

If anyone doubts this, just take a look back at a John Cena ring entrance from a year and a half ago. There was hardly ever a boo in the arena toward John until the Rock came back and made them hate Cena. If at any point the Rock made it seem cool again to like John Cena, the fans would do it. He has them wrapped around his finger, and to be honest, it’s kind of pathetic.

I will be anxiously watching this Sunday, to see the outcomes of many great matches on the card, and to see who wins in possibly the biggest wrestling match in Wrestlemania history!

5 thoughts on “Logical predictions for ‘John Cena vs. The Rock’ at Wrestlemania 28”

  1. That match was such a letdown……wasnt what it was all worked up to be… Undertakers match was the main event in my mind It looked good and was impossible to follow up that match. The match seemed completly fixed i mean cmon Rock in florida…..he was gonna win just cause of that fact. Cena should of won no contest. and would of if it wasnt for the rock in his hometown and all the hype of the rock.


  2. I agree that the Triple H/ Undertaker match was by far the best of the night! I would actually (and only three full months into the year) say that I will be shocked if we see a better match in 2012. Much much better than their match last year, in my opinion. As far as the Rock vs. Cena, I was a little bit surprised in the outcome. Like you said, it was a bit predictable, which is why I didn’t think they would actually have the Rock win. Everyone expected a Rock victory in his hometown, which is why I thought (and was hoping) the WWE would shake that storyline up a bit, and they didn’t. Overall though, I thought Wrestlemania was a great show, or at least on the better end of the ones we have seen recently.


  3. They seem to be in league with the majority of Cena Hating fans out there. Having him lose to the Rock and the next night Lesnar coming back and dropping him with one move. Cena’s days seem numbered. Its interesting to say the least and I can’t wait to see what happens next which is what good wrestling is supposed to feel like. I wish they would invest more in the talent they have rather than running back to past stars, but hell I marked out for Lesnar before I’ll do it again.


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