‘Game of Thrones’ RPG? Yeah, Why Not…

With all the twists and turns that Game of Thrones delivers us on a weekly basis, you would think that ‘Man, this has video game potential written all over it’. Actually, the massive of amounts of money and publicity should be the tip off that this has video game potential all over it. But more on my thoughts later in this article. Atlus is publishing the Game of Thrones RPG that which actually follow the GoT timeline and history. Now, whether the game is good…well, let’s show the trailer first.

Yeah, I don’t know but I am always skeptical of any video game adaptation from movies or games. I cannot even remember the last video game adaptation game I played and actually enjoyed. Goldeneye maybe? Riddick? And even then, those were movies. This is not only a television adaptation, but a book series adaptation. There is a lot riding on this and the right move was to make it an RPG. The way it seems, an extremely linear RPG is the best way of the go. You should not be able to deviate from the path other than different storylines to follow because again, you don’t want to mess with the GoT universe and change history like say, a Skyrim would or a Mass Effect. So we’ll see in June how this all goes down. Although, is it just me or does this look like a iPad game or the next Infinity Blade game. I feel if you were putting some dollars behind this game, it’d look a bit better than something I can download in 3 minutes. Or worse, maybe the budget isn’t there because they want the quick money grab. Something to ponder…

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