Avengers Assemble – Episodes 6, 7 & Extras

I feel I may have been a bit lapsing in my duties to bring you the awesome. Avengers Assemble- The Series was something I started to cover a while ago and then slipped behind a little. So its time to play catch up! Today we are going to look at the end of the first season as well as a few of the extra clips they produced. For more on Avengers Assemble – The Series you can check out our look at the previous episodes here. Might as well check out an interview with Hawkeye AKA Chris Burns here just so you aren’t missing anything.

Why should you check out AA? How about a racist Captain America? A sexed-up Hawkeye? An overworked Ms. Marvel? Drunk ass Tony Stark? Should I go on?

Episode VI – Immigration

The team is feeling the effects of some strict new immigration laws.

Episode VII – Carpool

The Avengers are on a mission, however they’ve been forced to use conventional means of transportation.

That wraps up Season 1, but here a few extra clips to get you excited for the 2nd season which I will be showing you very soon.

Hollywood Hawkeye

Wondering what the Avengers have been up to lately? In this short clip, we catch up with Hawkeye in Hollywood.

Carol’s Day Off

See what Carol does during her free time when she’s not saving the world or rescuing the Avengers from themselves.

Man, I forgot how much I love this series. We’ll check out Season 2 next time! Avengers Assemble!

Awesome… but frightening

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