“GI Joe: Retaliation” Moves to 2013,”Ted” Takes Its June Spot

In one of the more surprising stories this week, it’s being reported that the much-anticipated sequel to 2009’s GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra is being pushed back a whole nine months to March 29th of next year so 3D can be added. In other words, they’re moving it back a few months so they can make more money with a spring release. In fact, Paramount Execs are so upfront about said money-making, that one of them released a statement saying, “We’re going to do a conscientious 3D job because we’ve seen how it can better box office internationally.” I rest my case. [Ed. – It’s better than pushing it back for ‘reshoots’, which is almost always a sign of a shit movie…]

Taking the place of GI Joe 2 is another highly anticipated film, Seth MacFarlane’s feature debut, Ted. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth MacFarlane as the title character. Ted follows the adventures of John and his talking teddy bear Ted who’s had the ability to talk and interact with people ever since a young John made a wish that he could. Problem is, as John got older, so did Ted. Now, instead of being cute and cuddly, he smokes pot, bangs hookers, has orgies. You know, the usual.

“The movie has had so much buzz since the minute the trailers were released that we’ve been looking to see if there was an earlier date available. It also gives us two more weeks of primetime summer. And allows for the word of mouth to build through the weeks up through Fourth Of July,” says a Universal insider who is evidently psyched for the film’s altered release date. To be honest I’m pretty excited that it was moved up a couple of weeks, too. It looks like a truly hilarious movie and if I have to wait fourteen less days to see it, I’m happy. Plus, it’s got Ralph Garman in it and I’m a huge Hollywood Babble-On fan so that’s pretty huge for me. As for GI Joe: Retaliation, I’ll be willing to wait the extra nine months.

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