Walking Dead Update: Michonne & Obstacle Course!

When Michonne was first shown in Season 2, in the very last episode when Andrea was about to become zombie food, the excited gasps were heard around the world. The cloaked zombie-slaying badass is definitely a fan favorite from the comics. With Season 3 slowly, but surely approaching, many fans wonder if the on-screen portrayal of Michonne played by Danai Gurira, will do her character justice. According to Entertainment Weekly, Robert Kirkman says that the essence of the character Michonne will remain intact from the comics. He also says that, like many other parts of the show, there will be little tweaks and differences. One thing that will be different is that fans will get to know Michonne much faster in the show than they did in the comics. One thing is for sure, the introduction of this favorite character should bring the Walking Dead’s ratings up, and make the show more interesting.

In other news, the San Diego Comic-Con will have a special activity for the Walking Dead fans. “The Walking Dead Escape” will be an obstacle course for fans to become part of the post-apocalyptic experience. A map has been published online to allow participants to plan out their process. Some of the areas include “the herd highway”, “Evac zone”, and “decontamination area”. If you happen to be in the area, that is one activity I would love to do!

2 thoughts on “Walking Dead Update: Michonne & Obstacle Course!”

  1. I’d probably try the walking dead escape, get tired, and then go spend 8$ on a 6oz bottle of water while eating my 12$ tuna sandwich while holding my 15 *exclusive* bags.

    I love and hate Comic-Con.


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