5 Spins Around the Record Shop – This Week in Music

Here are the top five pieces of important musical information I feel you need to know:

1. Jack White’s Show at the Masonic Temple in Detroit

On May 24th, I attended the Jack White matinee show at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan. This was one of the greatest concerts I have ever been to in my life. The music was breathtaking. The Cathedral is such a beautiful building on it’s own, but to add such beautiful music to it… perfection. It was wonderful to hear all of the White Stripes songs with a bad behind them, and an almost folky “I Cut Like a Buffalo”, originally by the Dead Weather. Jack White’s hometown was very happy to see him back. What a class act!

2. Electronica Is Taking Over the MTV Video Awards

French DJ Martin Solveig will be taking center stage at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Sunday, June 3rd. Artists such as the Black Keys, FUN, and Wiz Khalifa will be performing. Solveig will be the house DJ. According to MTV.com, the DJ will be playing  scores from Jaws, Pulp Fiction and Star Wars. I find this exciting.

3.  Justin Beiber Accused of Battery

Justin Bieber (I know, I know… hear me out) has been accused of battery after allegedly beating a man who was taking photos of him. On Monday, according to Yahoo News Bieber was at a shopping center in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Selena Gomez when a paparazzi’s vehicle was blocking him in at the parking lot. This was apparently enough to set the young heartthrob over the edge. The blind sense of entitlement this kid must feel has a lot to do with this, I’m sure. He better be careful! This time, battery. Next time, he could be sent to prison with that lady-face!

4. Julien’s Auctions Sports Legends and Music Icons Sale

An auction will be held in Beverly Hills, California on June 23rd and 24th which will contain some pretty amazing items for sale. The strangest item would probably be Elvis’ crypt where his dead body was kept until it was moved to his Graceland mansion. The crypt will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, so that they may… store a dead body? In addition to this, the robe that the late Amy Winehouse wore in her “Rehab” video, a tee shirt worn by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, clothing owned by David Bowie and John Lennon as well as other items will be auctioned off and given new homes.

5. 89 Year-old Doc Watson Has Passed Away

The folk singer Doc Watson passed away on Tuesday at the age of 89. The blind musician became a professional artist in the 1960s, and has since created some of the most beautiful country/folk/bluegrass music known to the genres. His art will be missed.

That’s it for this week’s music news. Join me next week for more melodic shenanigans.

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