Screenshot of Klingon from ‘Star Trek 2’!

2009’s Star Trek did what many considered impossible, and that was to make Star Trek hip, fun and exciting for a general public. Now most nerds like me, (and the millions and millions of Trekkies out there), have always found Star Trek fun and exciting, but JJ Abrams shot some lifeblood into a series that was admittedly getting stale. Nemesis anyone? Yeah. So after the movie came out, was a huge hit critically and financially, we all expected a sequel, because Star Trek and sequels is just a given. And we waited. And waited. We bought the blu-ray, the crossover/tie-in comics, and we waited more, and nearly 4 years later, we’ve finally been given a small glimmer of the hope that we had from the first film the moment we popped in that DVD and fired up the deleted scenes.


To explain, the original cut of 2009’s Star Trek, had a scene where the villain, Nero, spends some time in a Klingon jail, and broods for years thinking of his revenge on Spock, because what else is an angry Romulan to do? It was a tease of a scene though, and we only got a glimpse of some of the Klingon helmets, which were evidently suited to accommodate their large forehead ridges.

Let’s just not mention the whole ridges/no ridges continuity/new continuity debacle ok?

So during the MTV Movie Awards, JJ Abrams was in some kind of skit, about something having to do with MTV, and I’m not sure what it was because I don’t watch MTV because I’m not a 14-22 year old brainless girl. Enterprisingly enough, (I know, I hate my puns too), JJ took it as an opportunity to hide in it a still of a Klingon from the NEW Star Trek movie, that is finally being developed. Here’s the skit, but you can skip to the still itself below, and nobody will judge you.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for more firm details on the movie, as right now everything is a guessing game, other than the presence of Klingons. Personally, I’m hoping for some sweet Gorn on Gorn action…

That’s what I’m talking about.

Also, if you missed them, we have a couple of set photos from the movie HERE

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